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    Ham bread

    A delicious soft moist bread filled with ham, becon, raisins and salty green olives. Venezuela's Christmas Bread or Pan de Jamón is a unique bread with a delicious flavour. This is a staple on Venezuelan tables during Christmas time. combination that can be eaten any time of day with hot or cold drinks and as a snack. (Contain Gluten)
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    Venezuelan Chicken Tamales cornmeal dough.
  • Alfajores


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Meal Prep

Save time to do what you love, all day, everyday. No grocery shopping, no meal planning, no cooking, no washing dishes. Get your weekly delicious meal prep and just heat, eat and repeat!

Here at Big Latin Flavours we understand how busy life can be to find the time to cook.

We take the stress out and prepare for you and you family the best, fresh, delicious  and healthy meals


Your Fabulous Brisbane Catering Specialists

Trusted for any occasions
  • Corporate events, Birthdays, weddings
  • Hot food delivered on time
  • Amazing service $ presentation.
  • The most beautiful and authentic Latin grazing tables.
  • Catering for all dietary requirements

Relax & enjoy your event with our unique and inclusive packages.

Cooking Class

Australia’s go to destination

For the best latin cooking classes, tips and recipes taught by a real latina!!

Register to join a fantastic hands – on workshop and learn the secrets of Amazing Latin Cuisine.