My name is Alejandra Utrera, I am a Venezuelan girl who moved to Australia 11 years ago. When I arrived in Australia I was so homesick, I missed the vibrancy of Latin America, and in particular the traditional big flavours  I grew up with. I wanted to share my culture, my rhythm and in particularly my food with my friends and family in Australia. At that point I made it my mission to promote and share best flavours of Latin America.

Food is my passion and the following Latin recipes, are my favorite flavours from Venezuela, they take me back to my childhood, to the good times with my friends,  my parents, grandmother and aunties. Each dish is unique and perfect  to make at home, I hope you can share these dishes with your family and friends and make your next party a fiesta.

I wrote this Ebook with so much love and enthusiasm, to share my favorite recipes, but also with the joy of being able to bring my culture and my roots to your table. Thank you again, I hope you enjoyed it and I am super happy that today you have these delicious and authentic Venezuelan recipes in your kitchen. I enjoyed taking my own photos, it was a challenging task, but  I love the results.  Hey !! please don’t  forget to share any recipes in your Instagram stories and of course tag @biglatinflavours

Gracias my beautiful people, with your support I will continue fulfilling my dreams, and conquering palates.

Big Latin Flavours Ebook (english version)

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Big Latin Flavour Ebook (version español)

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Traditional Venezuelan Hallacas