It’s me Aly

Hola! I am a Latin food enthusiast from Venezuela (South América). 

I was a  journalist and not much of a cook, my friends would tell me ‘you don’t event know how to fry an egg’ and they were right! Homesick for the food of my childhood, I started to learning to cook traditional South American Food. I have been lucky to be able to combined my passion for food with a love of travel. I have travelled widely through, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Cuba, Argentina and Mexico, uncovering authentic and delicious recipes. 

I am amazed by the quality and variety of Australian produce, I love creating, Exotic flavours with the local ingredients. 


My mission is to share the traditional Latin flavours of South America, while having fun.

I want to create Australia’s go to destination for Latin cooking classes, tips, recipes, personal chefs, cooking demonstrations and more.

My biggest dream is to create exotic Latin flavours for people to prepare at home using local ingredients.

“Sharing my passion for latin food”